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Shear Bliss
Hair Salon

As the owner of Shear Bliss my main goal is to help create New talent for our industry. Our industry is forever changing we as hairstylist must adapt to not only the worlds changes but all of the trends. 2020 was a real eye-opener on how we adapt and survive in our industry. We became very creative and learn to think outside the box! We at Shear Bliss love to work as a team, Because were only as strong as our weakest link. Working together building each other up is the best way succeed We are not your typical hair salon we are very family oriented. If you’re looking for a salon that pretty much has it all look no further! We would love for you to join our team!

We would love for you to join our team!


Stasha Woods


Before moving to Galveston, I worked for Lesleigh for almost 5 years. When I started she helped me build my business, took me to classes for the stuff that I didn’t know how to do, and helped me with what I needed improvement on. Working there is definitely a team experience. We learned from each other and always gave feedback whether it be positive or where to improve. I built a full and solid clientele in under 1 year. Shear Bliss is definitely fast paced and there is not a lot of room for hiccups. With that being said, the salon is very successful for a reason. The employees don’t sit around. They stay busy helping clean, do inventory, and advertising. You definitely have to put in work if you want to be successful just as in any other career. Shear Bliss already has the foundation set up right there for you, all it takes is some effort and good hair. Lesleigh is kind, loving, and will give the shirt off her back if she sees that you are putting in the work as well. Everyone that worked at Shear Bliss in my years working there and after, including myself, has either opened a salon, or went to a mini salon or booth rent. There’s something to be said about that for sure. Everyone was able to build and learn enough to go out on their own if they wanted to. I recommend anyone looking for a career in the beauty industry to go and check out Shear Bliss. It’s family oriented, there’s work if you’re willing to work, and you won’t find anywhere else like it.

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